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Flooring for High Foot Traffic Areas at Oxygen Towers

Natural stone such as marble and granite has been used as a flooring material for centuries all over the world. Its timeless aesthetic qualities, durability and low maintenance make it a sustainable flooring choice for high traffic areas.

Life Span

Flooring materials show age differently at different rates, particularly marble and granite stone flooring ages gracefully, while some estimates indicate to last approximately 100 years with proper maintenance.

Structural Integrity

Natural stone such as marble and granite has a continuous color and structure throughout. This integral finish reduces visibility of surface scratches or damage. Materials with integral finishes are easily repairable and thus enjoy a significantly longer life than surface finished materials such as tile especially in high traffic areas.


Cleaning can be accomplished with a gentle (non-acidic) soap and water solution. Regular cleaning and simple maintenance routine will substantially delay the need for surface refinishing and polishing.


Relatively high material and installation costs of marble and granite flooring may deters its usage. However, because of its enduring, useful life and little need for maintenance, marble and granite are economically advantageous over its life span.


Considering overall economic and physical benefits of marble flooring, it is an excellent choice for high foot traffic areas. All the above attributes made marble and granite stone a sensible choice for common area flooring at Oxygen Towers @ Venkateswara Nagar.

Common Area Flooring – Marble with Granite Trim

oxygen-towers-rajahmundry-common-areas-maindoor oxygen-towers-rajahmundry-lobbies oxygen-towers-rajahmundry-common-areas-corridors

Lift Flooring – Mixed Granite

oxygen-towers-rajahmundry-lift-flooring oxygen-towers-rajahmundry-lifts

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