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Pocket Park strengthens sense of community and togetherness

Pocket parks, also known as mini-park are usually tucked inside a densely populated urban areas. These urban open spaces are small in scale usually a house plot size or smaller. With trees and landscaping these places become green urban oasis providing a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the urban life and offer opportunities for rest and relaxation.

Important characteristic considered during the design;


The most important design feature of pocket park is its location aligning with sun and wind. Weather is key and affects people’s enjoyment outdoor spaces. The effects of sun and wind helps cool open space. Parks dominated by grass and trees are much cooler in summer and act like air conditioning units and may stay 3 to 7 degrees cooler than the surrounding areas.


Seating Area

One of the basic ingredient of successful park is seating which can be provided on grass lawns, benches, and picnic tables. Best areas of seating includes along the walkways which is both physically and socially comfortable where people like to sit where they can see other people. And also people like sit alone or in a group for a private conversion away from the walkways.



Making park feel safe is paramount and should have visual access and connectedness with their surroundings. This encourages more eyes on the park, the more comfortable it will feel to the residents, the safer it is.



Park is equipped with exterior lighting along the pathways that leads to seating areas. Lighting fittings were chosen to withstand outdoor year round weather conditions. With well  illuminating lighting, residents could  use the park safely at night-times.


Trees & Landscaping

Trees are a key feature help control temperature and provide shade. It softs the surroundings with color, texture and adds sound (birds chirping, kids playing and adults laughing and conversing) to the open spaces. Deciduous flower and tree changes throughout the year adds seasonality to the surroundings.


Special Features

Features such as board games and integrated social spaces can help people connect and often lead to friendly interactions. A chess game can bring kids and adults together and spark conversations building a tight-knit community.



We can’t imagine community without 

few shaded trees,

few birds chirping, 

few benches to sit,

few children in grass..


Oxygen Towers @Venkateswara Nagar Pocket Park Videos


All these characteristics plays a vital role in spontaneous social interaction which is a basic building block for social capital. Places with good social capital are stable, prosperous places where people want to live, work and raise their families. At Oxygen Towers @ Venkateswara Nagar, we strongly believe that, it is not particularly easy to build social capital, but it is easy to build spaces where social capital can be formed, so we invested in these social spaces for our very own well-being.

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