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The very essence of open-to-sky design at Oxygen Towers

img 2Since the beginning of time, the sky has earned a profound and sacred meaning. Hence to climb to the top of the hill, where the Gods dwell, is a symbol of mythic power that has been central to the beliefs of almost every society.img 9

Thus the great Hindu temples of south India are not just a collection of shrines and gopurams, but a movement through the open-to-sky pathways that lie between them. Such a path is the essence of our experience, it represents a sacred journey – pradakhshina. This sense of the sky extends our relationship to how we live and how open spaces affects us.

img 4
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For warmer climates in India, the best place to be in the early mornings and late evenings is outdoors, under the open sky. Such spaces include, a verandah, roof-top terrace, courtyard, perhaps a shaded tree orimg 7 overhead pergola.

These open-to-sky spaces have very practical implications as well, where courtyard represent an additional open space, used in many different ways during the course of a day: for puja, cooking, socializing with family and friends, sleeping at night, and so forth.

Thus in traditional villages and towns all over India, such open-to-sky spaces are an essential element in the lives of the people, since the beginning of time.

At Oxygen Towers @ Venkateswara Nagar, open-to-sky is a major consideration behind the design philosophy. Such open-to-sky spaces includes, balcony, roof-top, central courtyard, pocket park and children’s play area.

oxygen-towers-rajahmundry-central-courtyard-sky-roof   oxygen-towers-rajahmundry-pocket-park-east-diagonal-01122016oxygen-towers-childrens-play-area

Spend time with kids in the children’s play area, enjoy your favorite book or newspaper in the courtyard, enjoy outdoors with family and friends in the pocket park. This open social spaces offer countless possibilities for building a tight-knit community.At each of these spaces, subtle changes in the quality of light, air and sky generates a feeling which is central to our very well-being.

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